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  • Free Seminars to members at the annual convention. 

  • Learn about improving your skills with 1 on 1 critiques from the Industries leading taxidermists.

  • Learn about the latest products and supplies.

  • Obtain supplier discounts and free pickup at the annual conventions. 

  • Networking - Meet the top suppliers and taxidermists from around the world.

  • During the annual convention children can participate in seminars and other activities.

  • Learn new techniques.

  • Stay updated on laws and regulations.

  • Learn about the industry.

  • Become a member spotlight. 

  • Keep up to date with the association by attending membership meetings. 

  • And much more!


"Welcome To The Pennsylvania Taxidermist Association. Dedicated To Pennsylvania Taxidermists Since 1979"

  The Pennsylvania Taxidermist Association welcomes all eligible to participate in this unique and special art form.

Members don’t necessarily have to be taxidermists. We welcome everyone from novices to experts, wildlife artists and enthusiasts, wildlife organizations, and more.



  • The Review is a periodic newsletter that the Pennsylvania Taxidermy Association (PTA) distributes semi-annually. Each review features an article on a standout PTA member. 

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  • Stay up to date with the latest discussions from the board and members. 


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